The Glory of 11th Street

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Another shot of the amazing greenery on 11th Street. I should be out there but instead I’m researching “crimes against nature” in the 19th century.


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My Blogs are Now Mobile Friendly

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Yesterday a friend told me that Google was now going to favor mobile friendly sites in their search results. If you go here you can see if your site is mobile friendly.

None of mine were, of course. They give you some of the reasons for that like “Mobile viewport not set,” whatever the hell that means. I spent an afternoon finding out what that and other things mean, and leaving questions all over the place for the things I couldn’t figure out when I found Google’s page about what to do if you use WordPress (which I do). I learned that Jetpack has an option to add a “mobile theme.” I’d been meaning to get around to downloading Jetpack (it replaced my existing stats program) so I got around to it, activated the mobile theme option for all my blogs and TA-DAH. They are now all mobile friendly.

It was a rare moment in my life when something was actually easy. Or, I should say, the rare moment when I noticed something in my life was easy. So yay!! Cake for everyone.

Another thing I’m pretty sure I do every spring—take a picture of the Grace Church magnolia tree. It’s the most magnificent magnolia tree in the city. That’s a member of my choir in the lower left, also taking a picture of the tree.

Magnolia Tree, Grace Church, New York City

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New York City is in bloom. And dogs.

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I probably do this every year, but there’s a certain section of my book where I worried that people would think it was made up. I’m describing 11th Street.

“… there’s a stretch where for a brief time during the spring the cherry blossoms are so abundant and so lush they make a big, fat, fluffy white and pink canopy that stretches from sidewalk to sidewalk. It’s a dazzling display. The best part however, is when the petals begin to fall. It makes me wish New York City were car-free. I want to be able to walk down the center of the street like I’m in the middle of my own botanical ticker-tape parade. I’d raise my arms to the skies and twirl around in this confetti-like explosion of renewal and possibility and pretend it’s all for me.”

Well, here’s the proof. I don’t see any pink ones though, and I swear there used to be pink ones. How can that be? Anyway, imagine what this looks like when the petals begin to fall. On a windy day. Enchanting!

Flowers on 11th Street, New York Citu

So then I was taking pictures of this flowering tree on my block of Perry Street. Because we’ve never had a flowering tree on Perry Street. I don’t know who planted this and when, but I am seeing it for the first time myself. It’s small now, but of course it will grow.

I thought as long as I’m taking a picture I might as well get a dog in the shot. Because what photograph isn’t improved by the presence of a dog??

Flowers on Perry Street, New York City

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Holy shit, Tim Daley is My Age

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I was watching Madame Secretary and I googled Tim Daley and learned that he is exactly my age. There’s no getting around it, Tim Daley is aging a lot better than I am. Quit it, Tim Daley! You’re making the rest of us look bad. That said, looking good Tim Daley. Damn you.

Normally I’m just fine about my looks. I’m aging, I’d rather not, but I don’t dwell on it. Then I got my hair cut for a piece that PBS is doing about my singing book. This is such a great opportunity and I wanted to look my best, except they cut my hair too short. This caused me to really look at myself, and now I’m terrified at how I’m going to look in this PBS piece. It doesn’t matter, right? It’s what I say that matters? Except even as I type that I realize of course it matters. Ugh, ugh. ugh. I blame Tim Daley.

A rare sighting of Finney and Bleecker in close proximity to each other.


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Thank you, Laine Nooney

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Yesterday I spoke at an amazing program titled, Mistakes Were Made, produced by Laine Nooney. Laine, you did a great job, and can I just say that the speakers you chose were amazing. Every one of them was brilliant, and if they weren’t such lovely people I would have been terrified of them.

The pictures below were taken by the great writer and illustrator, Vivian Swift. Thank you very much, Vivian!

On the far left is my co-speaker, Joy Rankin, @JoyMLRankin, who researches American history, the history of science and technology, and the history of gender. And next to her is the moderator of the event Finn Burton, assistant professor at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Media Culture, and Communication.

Mistakes Were Made, NYU

And that’s me, doing my best not to show my nervousness. I stumbled over my words from time to time, but what are you going to do?

Mistakes Were Made, NYU

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