Night Shots

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So yeah, this camera (Canon G7X Mark II) is much better at night shots than my previous camera, the Canon G9. But it’s hard to get a sharp focus. In any case, this building on Charles Street always has wonderful decorations for the various holidays.

Halloween, West Village, New York City, 2017

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Night Shots and the Loser’s Lounge

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I want to see how my camera handles night shots and low light levels. I took this last night at the Loser’s Lounge tribute to the Beegees. This is singer Anna Copa Cabanna performing out among the audience. I guess this isn’t really low light though. It was a GREAT show, everyone was at the top of their game. I especially loved this song I never heard before called They’ll Never Know (it was recorded by Wayne Newton!) and sung at the Loser’s by Richard Barrone. I was also charmed by Clay Pigeon who has a morning show on WFMU.

The Loser's Lounge, Anna Copa Cabanna

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ASPCA Kitten Nursery Staff

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That is me in the bottom row center with a bunch of co-workers from the ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery. The job only goes through the “kitten season,” which is April to November (or December-ish). I hope to able to get a temp job in another department at the ASPCA which will allow me to return to the Kitten Nursery next April. I also hope to return as a Medical Nursery Caregiver. I am currently a Nursery Caregiver, and the main difference is, and this is pretty self-explanatory, the Medical Nursery Caregiver gives meds. (But who knows, maybe I will love other departments even more.)

Medical Nursery Caregivers also get to wear the more flattering dark purple tops, where we wear the lighter colored lilac version.

ASPCA Kitten Nursery Staff

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SQUIRREL!! Or, in this case: PIGEON!!

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We love you, we would never leave you, nothing is better than curling up right here with you.

PIGEON!! They did not knock over my coffee in the leap that followed. This time.

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Halloween Starts to Appear in the West Village, New York City

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My neighbors in the West Village really know how to do Halloween right. They decorate with such committed creativity. Then, on Halloween, their stoops became these tableaus, often with theatre. I just love going from building to building, it’s like carnival in a benevolent hellscape.

I should put together a collection of my favorites. Here’s my first shot for this year though. A short film follows. The best thing I ever saw is towards the end, the zombie girl on the swing. It was set up on 11th Street at a building that always had the most mind-blowing decorations, and I do not exaggerate as you will see. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago whoever was doing this stopped. I will always miss their work and I hope the reason they stopped was because they moved away and not something worse. (I probably say this same thing every year.)

Halloween West Village, New York City, 2017

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