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Watch So You Think You Can Dance, I’m Begging You

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments »

Tomorrow I will talk about the horror of the Bones finale, but today I have to talk about So You Think You Can Dance because it premieres tonight and I'm determined to get everyone to try this show ...

Me at 20 or “I Chose Wisely”

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

My undergraduate degree is in fine arts, and while I was a student my fellow male students were always asking the girls if they could draw or paint them, naked of course. Hey, I don't blame them for taking ...

Rare Evidence of Love

Monday, May 19th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

They don't usually cuddle like this. Normally they just hang out in the same general area, like in the photograph below this one. This is what they usually do, hang out a foot or two from each other. It's ...

Dance Parade 2008

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Dance Parade 2008

I couldn't stay very long this year, I was meeting some old friends for lunch, and I missed my favorite part, all the hip hop dancers, but here are some dancing drummers I liked.

Oh My God Fantasia!

Friday, May 16th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Oh My God Fantasia!

I didn't watch the first few seasons of American Idol, so I missed Fantasia's season. And whenever I saw her on something I never got her. This week I got her. I mean, my jaw just dropped ...