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Some clips from today’s Women’s March on NYC

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I also uploaded a few photographs in the post below.

A great day in America and across the world!

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I'm making a movie, but here are some quick shots as well. Please note the picture of Carrie Fisher in the sign about resistance. Rest in peace, Carrie, and thanks for the inspiration. Putin's puppet! So perfect. ...

Today is a Truly Terrible Day

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We are an embarrassment to the world, to history, and to decency. As far as I'm concerned, Obama is still the president and I will follow him until we get rid of the clown. From Obama: "I ...

Preparing for the March on Saturday

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I've been putting off buying a new battery for my camera because they are so expensive ($50), but the two batteries I have now are now down to holding their charge for about 1/2 hour before dying. Just before ...

Obama’s Reading Habits Have Shamed Me

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I used to read so much more, but now I read for research, and then about a half a dozen books a year on top of that for fun or general enlightenment. This recent article about Obama's readings habits ...