This Should Get me the Porn Searchers

September 30th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

On Perry and Bleecker right now.  I thought this was a fake new store, for a movie set, but now I’m thinking it might be a real store.  Which I won’t be able to afford to shop at.

Meanwhile, even though I was not motivated, I made myself work on the two things I needed to yesterday, so yay me!  Then I got two rejection-type things in email, so not-yay me!  THEN, today, when I weighed myself I weighed the exact same as last month (I only weigh myself once a month). This was after increasing the number of times I go to the gym every week, and the intensity of my workout. So, wtf??  Since killing myself didn’t work, this month I will try an easier, but longer workout.  If that doesn’t work, then I’m going to accept that this is my weight now and only do this for health reasons, which will probably change which things I decide to keep doing.

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  1. 4 Responses to “This Should Get me the Porn Searchers”

  2. By jackie on Sep 30, 2008

    Another Ralph Lauren store.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Sep 30, 2008

    Oh please no. Something different instead, please!

  4. By david on Sep 30, 2008

    I wish I had something adroit to say about the mannequins, but…

    On the subject of exercise, the rule of thumb is ‘burn’ 3500 calories to lose one pound of body weight. My normal daily cardio routine only burns off 350-550 day plus whatever happens during weight training.
    I don’t lose anything with this routine.

    However, having been out of commission due to any injury for almost two months, I have been losing a pound or so per week. Strange…

    Of course, the obvious answer to your concern is that you are putting on muscle-which weighs more than fat.

    Ah-the human body-go figure…


  5. By Stacy Horn on Oct 1, 2008

    I am not burning anything close to that, I don’t think. I do ten minutes on the treadmill, ten minutes on the spinning bike, I know that doesn’t sound like much but I go at them hard, and then I do weight training. I keep the overall time pretty short, probably 45 minutes total, because I know if I over-do it I won’t keep it up.

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