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LOL in this case refers to: little old ladies. Something I will be in a few years or so. I’ve been walking practically all the way east every day to feed the cats of a couple of friends while they are away. I couldn’t help noticing that there are a lot more little old ladies on the east side then there are over here by me. Why is that?

Oh. Duh. The East Village has more affordable housing. I’m lucky to have a rent stabilized apartment, because my neighborhood is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in New York City, and in the country probably as well. But the East Village is a thousand times more diverse than the West Village, in all respects; age, income, race, and, as a result, it feels more alive.

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Happy Valentine’s Day News!

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The lab results came back from Finney’s biopsy, and they don’t think the mass in his mouth is cancer! They can’t be 100% sure, but they are pretty sure!! My vet and I were so prepared for bad news, because Finney is dealing with an aggressive form of cancer, we were kinda shocked. But at the moment, things are not dire. I guess I’m going to have to stop giving him ice cream, which he adores. It’s just a tiny bit, and it’s probably not wreaking too much havoc with his insulin levels, but still. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Whether you have a valentine or not! I was feeling terrible yesterday, because at the moment I’m dealing with a very sick cat, so many things in my life are up in the air—as well as the lack of romance in my life, thank you very much holiday, for the in-you-face reminder—but today I’m determined not to dwell on all of it. Except, I don’t yet have a plan for what to do instead. Hmmm. I’ve got choir rehearsal tonight. I wonder if it will be poorly attended?

I was originally going for a shot of the plastic cat on the wall, and then I saw the sign.

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It’s a kitty miracle!

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I was afraid to move to a different spot to get a better view of this, so this isn’t the best shot. But here is proof that miracles do happen: Finney and Bleeck sleeping side by side.

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Is Spectrum aka Time Warner Going out of the TV Business?

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My cable bill was higher this month. When I called about it I learned it was going to go up even more next month, and they were not offering to do anything about it! They were completely uninterested in keeping me as a customer. Fine. I’m back to researching cutting the cord. I’m already exhausted after researching this for an hour, and I’m sure they’re counting on people like me giving up. But I’m motivated now. I’m going to take a break and come back to it.

This morning, as usual, I was prisoner to the sleeping cats. Normally I’m okay with this, but this time Bleeck was parked on my computer. I couldn’t work, or watch tv or read on my computer. The book I’m reading (Patient H.M) was way way way over on the coffee table and unreachable. All I could do was just sit here. So, I took pictures of them imprisoning me!

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