Nasser Ahmed Interview
by Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy

Nasser Ahmed is a victim of anti-terrorism laws. He's an Egyptian living in Brooklyn for more then a decade. A husband and father who worked as an electrical engineer, he was arrested by the INS on the basis of secret evidence that neither he nor his lawyers were allowed to see. Ahmed was held without being charged for three and a half years, mostly in solitary confinement, in a federal prison in New York City until late 1999, when the government was ordered to release him by an immigration judge. Soon after more than two dozen others held in immigration jails on secret evidence were also released. Ahmed maintained that the FBI was desperate to use him as an informant in the Muslim community where Agents admits they have few assets.

Nasser Ahmed in MCC shortly before he was freed
after being held in a deportation proceeding using secret evidence

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Nasser Ahmed Interview:
Racial Profiling & the War on Terrorism:
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