Here are some of my current quilts - handweaving photos are below; more photos are coming. Click on the thumbnail to see each one full size and view pricing info. (Thanks to Charlie for being the human display rack!). Yes, spirals are a major theme in my work; it's always interesting to take straight angles and turn them into curves.

New project is down at the bottom.

Gray Pinwheel

Purple Galaxy

Green Spiral
(photo by Jan Conover)

Ivory Spiral
(photo by Jan Conover)

Pink Spirals
(photo by Jan Conover)


Personal Gallery (Not for Sale)

These quilts are part of my home collection (I need to stay warm too!), or have been given away as gifts. They are further examples of different designs I make. Custom orders based on these can be arranged.

Blue Galaxy
(Property of Larry Bissnger)

(On the Living Room Wall)


Blue and Lavender Spiral
(Property of John & Anna Eichmann)


Purple Spirals
(On the Couch)




I got lucky buying a loom a few years ago from a friend who was moving. I've only done a few projects, but I have a few more planned. Here are photos of the project I did this past Christmas. All yarns are 100% wool. Just as above, you can click on each thumbnail to see a larger photo. Remeber to click on your "Back" button to return to this page.


The loom in action!

Closeup of weaving

All the scarves taken off the loom

Brown scarf

Green, yellow, and white mohair stripes

Rust and red stripes

 Work in Progress

 The latest method: Stripping! No, I'm not pole dancing, just emptying my box of silk scraps. First, I cut lengths of muslin (of which I have a lot of scraps from FIT classes), then stitch the smaller pieces of silk and cotton on top. Each strip is then bordered with a solid cotton twill, until it's large enough for the bed. This one will have no batting - the weight of the muslin will be enough, and I can always layer it with other quilts. I'm finding the smaller pieces are a lot easier to carry on the bus to work on. Again, you can click on the thumbnail for a larger view, and just hit the Back button to return.

The raw strip

The work in progress