Since I'm into a variety of things, I've separated them by subject

Quilts, Fiber Art, Historical Costuming

Taunton, the publisher of Threads Magazine
The Costumer's Manifesto, a complete resource for historical and theatrical and just for fun costuming
Drea Leed, the web's leading expert on Elizabethan fashion

Friends' Sites (yeah, I know a few musicians)

The Comrades, who harken back to the days of late 70's/early 80's Punk; melodic, yet retaining a straightedge political sensibility.
Otto's Daughter, Techno-industrial popcore. They moved out to LA - If you're on the West Coast, they're worth seeing!
High Speed Chase, contemporary hardcore - must be seen live!
Annie Husick, introspective anti-folk
Our Marvelous Lives, hard rock and irreverence.
eugene, Hoboken's power pop
Kimon, more powerful songwriting with a new release out now
Geoff Notkin, Web Designer and all around great artist
Erica Jackson, web designer, photographer, and thoughtful essayist

Other Music (time to show my fangirl geekiness), excellent songwriter, lead singer of Dramarama; keep tuned for the comeback!
Handsome Devil, the power side of power pop
The dBs, 80's pop, pure songwriting, and all-time favorite.
Artist Amplification, a great networking site for Northern NJ bands., more networking, with interviews, schedules, and downloads

Actual commercial favorites; it's always good at midnight when you're waiting for that fax to go through

Politics; progressive group with a network for positive change.; it's not a dirty word
Air America; the new liberal radio network, I LOVE Morning Sedition
Reverend Billy; support your small businesses!
Green Pages; support progressive business!
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