OK, I've never been good at keeping a diary, and this method isn't working out well, either. So, I'm going mainstream and blogging on Myspace. The software is just much more immediate, and my updates will be much less sporadic. See you there.


Post-election depression. I'm equally pissed at Kerry's lack of passion as I am at the Right's dirty tricks. I'm trying to be optimistic about the recount suits in Ohio, but it doesn't look good.

What can we do for the next four years (or the next two, if you count congressional elections)? I propose to vote with my wallet. There's a lot of stuff I already don't buy, like Coors beer, that's just a matter of personal preference; I don't drink beer. Other places I don't give my money to, like WalMart, because I have plenty of other options. However, I refuse to go to Curves, buy pizza from Domino's, or any of the subsidiaries of tobacco companies (Kraft, Nabisco, etc.) Believe me, when I found out that Philip Morris bought Toblerone, I was heartbroken, but I can live without the calories. Also, I avoid any big brand name that has a Made In China label on it - I can guarantee you that it's not from a cooperative factory. For more info, there's always the Green Pages for progressive companies, and Reverend Billy has some great anti-sweatshop links.

Also, I'd like to propose a Day Against Halliburton. I know I can't afford to buy their stock and force a leveraged buyout, but look what progressives did with Sinclair Broadcasting. We called their advertisers and demanded changes in their one-sided programming. Their stock took a 30% hit. We can do the same to Halliburton. How, you may ask? A lot of us have 401(k) plans, mutual funds, IRAs, etc. don't we? If we call those fund managers and demand a divestment of Halliburton stock, what would that do? If we all did that on one day, what would that do?


Yeah, I know, seven months is not a good break when I'm trying to keep a diary. I do most of this design work at my job, during the lulls. As Murphy would have it, whenever I start to do something personally productive, the lull ends and some work comes to me.

Seven days until the election. Wish us all luck.


A relaxed Wednesday at work when I finally got to work on some updates. I still have a few technical issues, specifically transporting these files to and from the office in some way that I don't have to load them on a company computer. I never have time to go to a grocery store, let alone shop for any toys.

Also trying to sneak in a listen to the debut of Air America - it's starting like WBAI, only a little more light hearted. Talk radio is just plain difficult to listen to for me, no matter what the source, I tend to find it hard to concentrate on anything else.