Mensa Censorship!

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:53:43 -0500
To: (Cleo Odzer)
Subject: Mensa Home Page Link


I had to remove your link to the Mensa Home Page. It is clearly a commerical venture, and AML does not endorse any commercial endeavour. Also, the excerpts and visuals you provide are outside the bounds of what I consider to be in good taste, with respect to Mensa as a whole.

The MHP is an "ad", if you will, about Mensa. We show the diversity and unique qualities of our Members, but this is also seen by EVERYONE, not just those of us in Mensa. Albeit I repsect your page on its own merits (and, BTW, you are quite a lovely lady!) I, never the less, must remove the link.

We must put on a less controversial demeanor for the Internet.

Logan Scott, Webmaster, American Mensa

My pages are not a "commercial venture." And I can point to another member page listed on the Mensa Page that has a whole catalogue with prices and the phrase: Please make checks payable to....
Mr. Scott has a right to call me tasteless but does not have the right to censor me from an organization to which I belong.