Taking sannyas with Bhagwan and becoming Ma Prem Madhumaya

At the ashram in Poona, India


Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

Chapter #27

29 September 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

Prem means love, Madhumaya means sweet as honey.

And love is the only sweetness; everything else is bitter. We can even tolerate bitter things if there is a little mixture of love in them; otherwise life becomes unbearable. Life is unbearable; it is only love that makes it bearable. Life in itself is meaningless -- it is love that brings meaning to it. So the more love, the more meaning, the more love, the more sweetness, the more love, the more joy. And love exists ordinarily in a very very small quantity. Ninety-nine percent is poison and one percent is love.

The percentage of love has to be developed, and one has to work consciously. It will not grow on its own; it has grown as much as it can on its own. Man has come to a point from where he has to take his fate into his own hands. One has to start working, cleansing the inner house, dropping poisons, repressions, inhibitions, taboos; they are all destroying life's beauty.

The day is great when love is more than everything else added together. When love is fifty-one percent in your life, everything else is forty-nine -- that day is the day of great liberation. It brings the first satori, the first experience of ecstasy, and then things become easier. Beyond that things are very much easier; before that things are very hard.

Once you have known that the major part of your being has become full of love, then the minor by and by starts following it. It stops fighting, it is no more powerful. And soon the day comes that one becomes ninety-nine percent love; that is the second satori, the second samadhi. And the third happens when one becomes one hundred percent love.

Madhumaya means one hundred percent love, one hundred percent sweetness. That is the symbol of the ultimate samadhi, of enlightenment.

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