Mike Mazurki

"I worked for Peckinpah," Mike says. "About six or seven guys with Bill Holden. I said, 'What are you trying to prove, Sam? I've worked on pictures where there was a lot of fighting, but no stabbing and cutting guts and poking your eyes out and things like that. It's uncalled for.' I walked out on him." "The same thing with sex," Abie wheezes, maybe recalling how Al and Bugsy got all the girls. Mike only laughs at the thought of too much sex. "Sex is not you, Mike," says Vince. "No. Not my type. I'm supposed to be a big he-man, although I don't approve or disapprove of it. I can take sex or leave it. It's like drinking. You ask if I'm a teetotaler, I say, 'No. I enjoy a drink. I'll drink with you.' But I don't have to go overboard."

"What about Anita Ekberg?" "What the hell," Mike mutters. "I got along with all my leading ladies. I got along fine--Gene Tierney, Maureen O'Hara. Gosh. Anita." "The big bazoom girl," Vince chuckles. "What's that?" Abie asks. "Bazooms," Mike says, matter-of-factly. "Gee, she was beautiful. I used to take her out to dinner over in San Francisco. We shot Blood Alley in San Rafael, so I took her to San Francisco twice, three times a week. Restaurants. Piano bars. Things like that. We got along real wonderful."

"Bazooms?" asks Abie again. "Bazooms," Vince echoes flatly. "You never heard that expression? She had a 350 bazoom?" "Did you ever see the picture, Four from Texas?" Mike asks Abie. "I was Sinatra's right-hand man. I had a couple of scenes where I'm doin' his nails and Anita's giving him a shave. She's stooping over and you see her bazooms." He gives Abie a knowing look. "Get it, Abie?"