Mike Mazurki

At the entrance Mazurki is hob-nobbing with a couple of couples gotten up in turquoise and rhinestone. They stumbled across his restaurant and recognized him from a long-ago wrestling match in Cincinnati with Gorgeous George. Last night in their hotel room he rematerialized in a flick he would just as soon forget. Along with several classics, Mazurki has made as many bombs. His discretion took a worse beating from his booking agent than his nose took when John Wayne missed his mark and punched him through his hat. "Jeez. I know I whipped Paulette Goddard, but I don't remember ever strangling a woman. I don't think so. When was it made?" "51." "Who's in it?" "Beaver Cleaver's dad." "Oh yeah, Hugh Beaumont." "In San Francisco," adds one of the women. "You were a wrestler. 'Broad as a door with a chest like a doormat .'" "Say, that's Moose Malloy. They musta stole it."