Mike Mazurki

Iron Mike Mazurki is now retelling the 15-second version of his dual careers. "The more I wrestled, the more beat up I got. The more beat up I got, the more parts I got in pictures with Gary Cooper. The more people saw me in pictures with Gary Cooper, the bigger draw in the ring."

Mike just finished a movie up in Alaska, where he played a mad trapper who saved a wolf's life being chased by Mounties through the snow. He may or may not have died in the avalanche at the end. Most of the footage is Roy Disney animal kingdom style with Mike superimposed talking to the moose. During the credits Mike walks in front of a mountain range I found in front of my studio in Hollywood, whisked away from the editor's bench. I had been calling these beaten up mountains "The Destruction of the Grand Teutons." Now I call them "The Mazurki Mountains."