Ada's Cats and People Drawings
All drawings by Ada Justine Graham Lowengard.
Spelling translated by Ada, transcribed by Dadu.
Ada's comments in italic

Fred Cat
(Jan 2006)

Rainbow cat
(Mar 2006)

(Feb 2007)
Each girl is making a letter of the alphabet.
Mimi age 12 (C), Gomea age 14 (K), Clara age 9 (S), Angela age 6 (O)

Literary Cats
(Feb 2010)
These cats are all from books and stories! This picture is the front cover of my book which is called "The Adventures of Hickory, Sam and Lucy," which is about the Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens and is elaborated off the Nursery Rhyme. In order from left to right, the cats are:
Hickory, Sam, Lucy, (from the Three Little Kittens...), Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter, the cat from Coraline and onto, the Cheshire Cat form Alice In Wonderland.

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