Ada's Dream Drawings
All drawings by Ada Justine Graham Lowengard from Ada's dream book.
Spelling translated by Ada, transcribed by Dadu.
Ada's comments in italic

The Wedding
(Nov 2005)
I was walking down the aisle of the wedding.
I was walking through the aisle, and throwing flowers as I went along.

The couch
(Nov 2005)
The couch was laughing at me.
I was sitting on the couch and I kept on falling off.

(Nov 2005)
I was doing karate with Ray. I was Ada.
I'm trying to do a back flip and Raymond is stretching very tall.

The Sunset
(Nov 2005)
I was painting a picture of the sunset.

The Rope
(Nov 2005)
I was falling off the rope and I was very scared.

Miyazaki Cat
(Nov 2005)
I was in a Miyazaki Movie for a model.

I Was Drowning
(Dec 3, 2005)
I was drowning and I was very scared.

It Was Snowing
(Dec 4, 2005)
It was snowing in the house.

I Was Trying To Swat A Fly
(Dec 2005)
I was trying to swat a fly. It would sting me.

Pat Lavender Will
(Dec 2005)
Pat Lavender Will was eating pancakes. We also got a kitten.

The Cat I.I.
(Nov 2005)
I was trying to feed the cat. His name was I.I. Here, I.I.!

(Nov 2005)

The Whale
(Nov 2005)
I was in a Museum. I was afraid of a Whale.
My hair is going up and down and Nancy is waving to the whale.

I Got Bitten By A Snake
(Dec 2005)
I Got Bitten By A Snake. (nightmare)

I Am Doing A Magic Trick
(Dec 2005)
I am doing a magic trick. It's a special one. (dream)

In Karate Class
(Dec 2005)
I was doing karate. He was better than me. Why?. [I'm Ada] [I'm Tom] (dream)

I Got Stung
(Dec 2005)
I was in my Karate suit. I got stung by a bee, it was biting. (nightmare)

Dadu Was Working
(Dec 2005)
Dadu was working. I was brushing my hair. (dream)

I Got Stung
(Dec 2005)
I got stung by a little dragon. Gila Monster! (nightmare)

The Prize
(Dec 2005)
I got a black dress and black tights. Ray got a cool Spy Robot. I was Ada. [(whistles) soo soo soo! Ray][look lock!] [Ada: Oh no! Ada] [spy robot] (dream)

I was doing Aikido
(Dec 2005)
I was doing Aikido in a studio. The people were Ray and Ada. I was wearing blue pants, Ray was wearing a white and yellow suit. (dream)

I Was Falling To Find Nancy
(Dec 2005)
I was falling to find Nancy. I was lost from Nancy(nightmare)
This is an airplane with broken wings.

(Dec 2005)
I was locked in a cage. (nightmare)

Baby Hand Loss
(June 2004)
(with Nancy) (nightmare)

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