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Early Pix

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[Ada, 1 day old]
Ada 1 Day old
[Ada, 1 day old]
Ada 1 Day old
[We  Are 4]
We are Four Now!
[Ada and Doll]
Ada and
Nancy's Pregnant Doll
As seen in ECHO's
Spring Fever Show
[Ada+ Nancy]
Ada And Nancy
Ada and Nancy Nose to Nose
[Ada + Dexter]
Ada And Dexter
as a pillow
[Ada Held]
Ada Held by NG
[Ada sleepy]
Ada Sleepy
[Ada goes out]
Ada Goes Out
With Dadu
Sunday, July 11
[Ada+ Ray]
Ada and Ray
[Ada Bathes]
Ada Reenacts
her birth
Two Peaches
[Uncle Ben]
Ada + Uncle Ben!
[Ada + Plez]
Ada and
Cousin Pleasance
Ada + GrahamPa!
[Nancy + Ada]
Nancy and Ada
At the Bronx Zoo
Sept 1999
[Ada + Dadu]
Ada in Dadu's Lap
Ada the Peach
Ada the Peach
[Floral Ada]
Floral Ada
[Orange Ada]
Orange Ada
[Ada in Sling]
Ada in Blue

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