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[Ray swinging]
Ray Swinging
Digital drawing, based on a photo by Henry
[Drawing of Ray by Henry]
Drawing of Ray
by Henry
?late 1997?
[Ray Drawn by Nancy, 1998]
Ray Drawn by Nancy, 1998
[Rear View Ray, by Nancy 1998]
Rear View Ray
Nancy 1998

Art by Ray

[Ray Table] We have a habit of covering our coffee table with paper and letting Ray have a go at it in any media he chooses.
On July 18, 1999, Ray made this rather incredible drawing in about a half an hour, using a basket of fabric markers. His baby sister Ada having been born 10 days prior, this may be the working out of something. As you can see, it's probably the last great work of art done in the 20th century. It was later destroyed after being worked on a little too much, but it was documented here!
Man with Moustache
The Fates
Tragedy and
The Enveloping

More Art By Ray

[Ray: Tondo]
Tondo (1999)
with artist
[Ray: Volcano]
Volcano (2000)
with artist
[Ray draws Ada]
In April 2002, Ray Accidentally whacked Ada on the brow with a trowel and she had to go to the hospital. Ray drew this as an apology
[Booda (Buddha)]
April, 2003
Booda - Buddha
Ray drew this without any immediate visual references. Or any stylistic precedent, for that matter!
[Glitter Robot]
May, 2003
Ray's new style combines
UNIBALL with watercolor.
[Two Robots abd Pelican]
May, 2003
partly inspired by
[An Oriole]
Jan, 2004
A Baltimore Oriole, with typewritten story.

Earlier art based on Ray

Hugo Lanugo, the Ramen Noodle from the planet Lumen Newman

On Nancy Grahams's page, there are two gif animations based on dreams in her first trimester.

The fictional Raymond ...

Ray's working title was Hugo Lanugo, the ramen noodle from the planet Lumen Newman

Ray, the 1998 Xmas card

So what if we didn't send it out till after Chinese New Year! So sue us!

Ray, the 1999 Xmas card

So what if we barely sent it out at all!
That's one of Ray's drawings he's pasted in front of!
some coloring help etc. from "The Mama".

Shockwave Flash Ray!

Try it if you have Shockwave Flash!

Ray and Henry's Doll in the ECHO Spring Fever Art Show, May 1999

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