salmieri / michele photos

Steve Salmierei and Sydnie Michele spent a fun filled day taking our photos at our old place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Taken in July, 2000, B&W. These pix are just a tiny number of those selected from 26 rolls of film! Many of these pictures here were scanned from copies of proof sheets, and then then Photochopped to improve contrast.

Note: Ada has teeth now.

click on these little pictures to get bigger pictures!
News flash April 2004! Some of the pictures that actually made it to prints have been scanned in! And many never-before-seen pictures have also been posted. These have been marked with *. All the rest are still low quality proofs.
 Ada y familia
Ada y familia*
 Ray fits in a frame
Ray fits in a frame
 Ada, ca. 1890
Ada, ca. 1890
 Ada Unsure
Ada Unsure
 Ada and Dadu's neck
Ada and
Dadu's neck*
 Here comes Ray
Here comes Ray
 Close Family
Close Family*
 Ray and the Picture Plane
Ray and the
Picture Plane
 Ray Tilt
Ray Tilt*
 Ada and Doll
Ada and Doll*
 All Together
All Together
 Gravity Free  Family
Gravity Free
 Ada is Happy
Ada is Happy*
 Ada Looks Down
Ada Looks Down*
 Nan Ray Ada
Nancy Ray and Ada*
 Ray and Ada
Ray and Ada
Black and White*
 Ada Looks Up
Ada Looks Up*
 Ada On Box
Ada on a Box*
 Ray Laughs
Ray Laughs*
 Nancy and Ada
Nancy and Ada*

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