Performed by Elodie Lauten, synthesizer, voice and 
                Andrew Bolotowsky, flute
                American Festival of Microtonal Music
When:   Sunday, May 23,1999 at 7:00 PM
Where:  New York University, Physics Auditorium 
                6 Washington Place (cross street Broadway) Room 121
                Festival Pass: $5 for the whole day
                Festival information:  call Johnny Reinhard at 212-517-3550

                Performed by Elaine Comparone, harpsichord and
                the Queen's Chamber Band
When:   Thursday, June 3 at 8:00 PM
Where:  Merkin Concert Hall
                129 West 67th Street
                Box Office: 212-501-3350
                Tickets: $20

In XX, the electronic layers provided by the synthesizer and ambient tape 
evoke the deepest layers of the unconscious, using textures of non-pitched 
sounds and pitched sounds, tuned in Pythagorean (a tuning used in medieval 
music), with overlays of vocals and bass flute.   This piece is a commission 
of the American Festival of Microtonal Music.  The central event of the 
festival, the 1999 MICROTHON, will start at 10 AM and go on until the 
evening.  XX  will be performed at 7:00 PM.

With its sparkling textures scored for a Baroque ensemble including 
harpsichord, strings, flute and oboe, Lunaticity represents the other end of 
the spectrum in Lauten's work, making use of early music instruments as she 
did in The Deus Ex Machina Cycle, premiered last year at Merkin Hall and 
broadcast live by WNYC, and soon to be released on 4-Tay.  This is Elodie 
Lauten's fourth commission for the Queen's Chamber Band.

In the most recent issue of Chamber Music magazine, Frank Oteri provided a 
listing of one hundred 20th century new music works, which includes Elodie 
Lauten's Variations on the Orange Cycle for solo piano, performed by Lois 
Svard (CD Other Places, Lovely Music).

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