Marais and Miranda: Discography


Much of this info was found in the Library Of Congress Catalog, some of it came off the back of a recently found M+M Decca album., and some from the endpapers of the Ballentine paperback FOLK SONG JAMBOREE



Film, Video
Thank you, Internet Movie Database!
"Sometimes credited as Jose F. Marais"

Marais and Miranda's music publisher: (ASCAP)
22630 HWY 36
Cheshire OR 97419
(503) 998-2602

The M+M $1,000,000 Question

Where can I get this music?
Well, there are ACTUALLY some M+M recordings available on iTunes now! Run over there now!

I haven't found any of it on CD at all. I occasionally troll the usual web auction sites like eBay or Yahoo or used music sites like GEMM .

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