The Films of Alan Smithee

[picture of Smithee, ca. 1969]

The works of Smithee are always sources of wonder and always will be condemned to the purgatories of direct-to-video and late night television.

This did not stop several ECHO denizens from attending and speaking at a roundtable on Smithee at the prestigious Wausau Golden Moose festival. Herewith, transcripts from those discussions, reviews and filmographies of this mostly reviled and indifferently ignored director.
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Al Dekker, Nemo, x. trapnel, toxic shakti, ngraham, Grey Zone 1, Erin, Island Goth, Jeff Worthington

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Note: This site has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the upcoming AN ALAN SMITHEE MOVIE, in fact, most of the films described herin are wholly fictional.
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