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Henry's autoharp pieces
this batch was recorded back in 1985 at the old Studio P.A.S.S., now known as Harvestworks, by Brooks Williams. I have the 8-track reel around here somewhere. More about autoharps here.
Short Mp3 formatted compositions.
Songs via tape by youthful niece Pleasance C. Lowengard, 1984 As featured on the 365 Days Project in 2003. Plez got married in June 2006 and became a mother in March 2008, and again in 2011!
Processed Gypsies
Two gypsies and organ. An other augmented audio remix from about 1983. The original tape of gypsies singing a cappella gets a little Prophet 600 organ added to it.
Sound Bite's Greatest Hits
Sound Bite, is an Amiga program that shuffles audio around using a primitive grammar. Most of these examples date from the late 80s and early 90s.
RGS Examples
RGS, is an Amiga program that lets you hear the sonogram you are drawing in real time, and more. Also from the late 80s, still in use in the 00s and may be ported some day to new and higher fidelity platforms.
HARM example
Shortly after writing HARM in 1988, an interactive harmonizer program, I made this recording, simply created by harmonizing feedback by moving a mic between the two stereo speakers and changing the harmonization between the two, using a trackball.
Newer Audio developments (2004)
This, is a side effect from my current (2004) efforts at bringing my late 80s technology into the "modern" world. This is a dump of the audio from a database of sound particles, ordered by frequency.
$1.98 Song!
Written for a show that probably never came to be: the $1.98 Commission show, hosted by David First on WBAI. Here is my entry. I'm waiting for my $1.98 now. Featuring me on Autoharp, DX7, vocals, mix. David First's website here
You'd Better Watch Out!
The Old Trout Lake Piano, untuned for 50 or 60 years before its disassembly, is reconstituted via the miracle of MIDI trickery. Here it is, spreading Xmas Cheer!

But wait.. there's more!
other obscurities from my personal recording collection:
Political ads of the past
Here are a few Political ads either produced by my father or handed off to him (the songs). featuring Joe Adonolfi for Hartford Mayor (1968)(lost) and Joseph Duffey for Senate (1970) (lost).
Gay Rap!
And speaking of WBAI, here's a cart that played on the air that was certainly lost to history:
The pre-AIDS era is in evidence as this promotes a show on Gay Cruising. "After All: You can't get cherry pie in the hardware store!" Bracketed with appropriate commentary by the Laughing Cavalier, Classical Music DJ, and Larry Josephson, veteran WBAI crabcake.
Do you feel like a lobster?
A tragic tale overheard by UHF cellphone eavesdropping. Watch your shellfish.
It's 1970!
The turn of the decade and I recorded it (I think this is WDRC). Notable mostly as the base year for Unix's time 32 bit time accounting, this is actually 5 hours later than '0', due to it being in Eastern Standard Time.
date -r 18000
Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 EST 1970

However, it's pretty close! If you happen to be alive on Mon Jan 18 22:14:08 EST 2038, really old machines will think it's December 31, 1901 UTC .
Conference Call!
From the Julius Monk Review DEMI-DOZEN. You'll be shocked to learn in this amazing satire, written by Bill Dana ("José Jimenez"), that smoking was seen as cancerous in the late 50's and even then, the tobacco companies were trying to spin their way out of trouble. All dialog in period ad-speak!
The Work Song, Lavorare Que Fatica, by Daniela Goggi
Here is one of my favorite kid items: A disco-samba treatment of "the Work Song" from Disney's Cinderella, sung fetchingly in Italian by Daniela Goggi. Found on her album OBA-BA-LUU-BA, $0.25 at a used record shop. Hope you speak Italian, because that's what you're gonna hear!
From my collection of ancient commercial demos of the 70s, Here you are urged to spend as much as you want on purple pantyhose, clunky shoes, wiglets and the like with your UNICARD charge card!
Funky Dictionary
Another from my collection of ancient commercial demos of the 70s, Here you learn some of the hip, new words that are in the Random House dictionary, circa 1972.
Terry "Cupcake" O'Mason's double entendre laden theme song is not about cooking. As featured on the 365 Days Project in 2003.
Not Programmed for Love!
Cook records, now available from the Smithsonian Institute (!?!), put out a comedy record with this spoofed computer, singing a mambo. This is what I use for my theme song on my increasingly rare radio appearances. Also featured on the 365 Days Project in 2003.
Nose Test!
WNYC Public Radio used to originate a radio show called "Small Things Considered", which later evolved into a lightly syndicated show, "Kids America" until it lost its all-important funding from Kool-Aid or something like that. Hosts Kathy O'Connell (now an institution with a similar show, Kid's Corner on WXPN) and Larry Orfaly played a lot of kid classics, but also homemade stuff like this bizarre entry, submitted by a day care professional.
Office Elevator!
I used to do a lot of walking around with a binaural recording headphone/microphone, and occasionally would record a little slice of life. I found the really long elevator trip down from the 38th floor - with many stops - a pretty fascinating, public and private place for listening. So, here's the elevator at 1250 Broadway about 1990 .
Steve Jobs introduces you to NeXTMail
The NeXT had its own multimedia mail system - predating MIME mail that we all use today. The first message in your mailbox was always from Steve Jobs himself. Feel the reality distortion field?
Columbia Double Disk Demo record! (note: m4a recording).
Do you know your phonograph can now play records pressed on BOTH SIDES? Twice the music at less than twice the price! Transcription recorded with my iPhone.

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