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Osama Says  
"Psycho Hitchcock" "PEZ"
The Quaker The Chef
ManipulableMilhous PuppetHead (Tony)
Ultraman Taro Floating Nun
Hong Kong Master San Francisco's Finest
Rev. Al, Animated Portrait Rev. Al, Magic Medallion
Jimmy Carter's "Peanut Reign" "Giant Human Head Eating LIZARDS"
"The Bird People of Alcatraz" "Rat Pack Angels in San Francisco"
LBJ, Articulating Paper Doll Joyce Maynard, Articulating Paper Doll
Ol' Blue Eyes Pocket Pal The Intervalometer

Electromics <tm> are interactive animated comics programmed in Java or C (source code is included with each comic).

Brought to you by Electromics, The Palm-O-matic Corporation, cool stuff for your PalmPilot.

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