1996 J.H. Rosen <>

A collection of links to "Computational Art"* Java applets.
(*"Computational Art" is a method of creating images, animations, and interactions based solely in programming language.)

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Description: Shoot black BB pellets at a brick wall.
(created 2/26/96)

Description: Shoot black BB pellets into a pane glass window. No two BB pellets form a crack in the window exactly the same way.
(created 2/27/96)

Description: Pass the mouse over the geometric head (i.e. if you dare witness the Incubus).
(created 2/29/96)

Description: Inspired by the WPIX (tv channel 11 in New York) Christmas tradition. A recreation of WPIX tv's several broadcast hours of logs burning in a fireplace hearth.
(created 3/1/96)

Description: The Nabisco brand Mallomar is a marvel of modern cookie manufacture. With this applet you can have a firsthand view of the step by step process by which the Mallomar is made at Nabisco factories all over North America.
(created 3/6/96)

Description: Inspired by the artist of the same name, the "Holzer" applet allows you to create your own scrolling text message. When you leave the applet's page the scrolling message you created will be left behind for the next visitor to see!
(created 3/11/96)

Description: Have It Your Way at the BurgerKing applet. Select from a list of ingredients and create your own custom prepared Hamburger sandwich.
(created 3/21/96)