37:50) Duo Damsel = Yvette 12-MAY-94 20:26

Gay & Lesbian film festival starts tonight. Looks like there might be some Bi representation among the entries. I am going to try hard to make it to some of the showings. I would hate to have seen more films at the Albady G & L film fest last year than I see in NY now that I live here!

37:51) Duo Damsel = Yvette 13-JUN-94 19:52

Saw GO FISH over the weekend (it's the film that opened this year's L/G film fest). I really liked it! It was a sweet funny look at a group of young lesbians, two of whom spend a lot of time trying to get together. Not enough lezbo sex, but creative and refreshing. And it was nice to see a Latina lesbian portrayed decently (or actually portrayed at all).

37:52) mocha jean 13-JUN-94 23:28

glad to hear you liked GO FISH! I am proud to say that the production company I sometimes work for produced this film. I'm extremely happy that rose troiche, the director, and that whole gal gang is doing so well now. they really deserve it.

oh, there was more of the fun stuff at the end in the first cut [sigh].

37:53) SoyGirl 14-JUN-94 10:13

I also really enjoyed GO FISH. It was funny and quick--- and not overly full of apocalyptic dyke drama. The characters are diverse and dynamic. I liked the way more serious themes were explored without getting preachy and self-hating. Definitely worth seeing!!!

37:54) oomingmak 15-JUN-94 17:19

I loved all those cute little lesbians I wanted to take them home and cuddle them and hug them!!!!

37:102) Duo Damsel = Yvette 24-OCT-94 18:52

I'm back! My butt still hurts. Here are highlights of the festival:

Lamest Film of Any Kind: THE RAINBOW AND THE SERPENT (France, 1987) One of the dumbest plots, bad performances. A dud.

Best Documentaries: LAST CALL AT MAUD'S

COMING OUT UNDER FIRE (excellent stories, extremely well done documentary of 9 lesbian and gay WW2 veterans).

Most Touching Film: HOMOTEENS (5 young lesbian & gay kids produced their own video autobiographies - most of the kids were kids of color and their lives are rough).

Definitely Worth A Look: OVER OUR DEAD BODIES (1990) AIDS activism in US & UK (ACT UP,Outrage & Queer Nation are highlighted)

TWO-SPIRIT PEOPLE (USA, 1991) explores the berdache tradition in Native American culture.

AMONG GOOD CHRISTIAN PEOPLES The Best Of The Festival: OUTLAW (USA, 1991) manifesto on transgender life featuring Leslie Feinberg.It Changed My Life: hearing Leslie Feinberg speak after the showing of OUTLAW.

Special PC Of The Year Award: This year the festival featured MANY films about issues affective lesbians/gays of color

37:105) Duo Damsel = Yvette 25-OCT-94 0:10

Oh, I forgot:

Hottest Scene In The Whole Weekend: In the first 1/3 of NITRATE KISSES by Barbara Hammer, two women in their late 60s/early 70s make love, latex gloves and all. It was beautiful. And hot.

37:106) Jane Doe 25-OCT-94 0:11

whoa. how was it that scene shot, Duo? I am assuming I will never get to see the damn movie...

37:107) Duo Damsel = Yvette 25-OCT-94 0:13

Two women, on the floor, writhing and playing and laughing. I remember that there was a lot of wetness (I told you it was hot).

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