13:600) Faune 17-JAN-95 1:07

It's not just the girls PS, I was at Tunnel on Saturday, and saw a *lot* of breeders. (How could I tell? They were the ones who weren't dancing).

Gay culture now serves the same function as the Cotton Club did in its heyday, but w/o all those scary darkies.

13:601) Cowgirl Topper 17-JAN-95 10:09

I don't think that's true. And whenever I read comments like that, I think "damned if you do, damned if you don't."

13:605) Plain Scarf 18-JAN-95 0:04

The mercantile part's in selling what's false to us all; what's true is the friendships we make, the promises we keep, and the questions we keep asking each other, taking nothing for granted. I don't take you for granted, Topper, and I'm glad you're here.

13:606) dalliance 18-JAN-95 0:35

I don't think I agree with you Faune. When an individual decides to have a real relationship with a member of the same sex there will be implications and _repercussions_ regardless of whether or not homo-culture is seen as chic at that given moment. I was trying to take that part of the conversation away from celebrity. If a woman has a psycho het breeder boss and is about to lose her job over her choice of partner at the same time as Madonna or Sandra Bernhard make money, which will be more real? And would she really care about how fashionable it is then?

13:607) Faune 18-JAN-95 4:01

Uh, if dalliance posts for 'Topper and JD then y'all have *really* misread me.

Sex sells everything and right now Madison Ave.'s got its homo mojo working overtime. I don't have a problem with kd's or Madonna's or Sarah B's success.

But I bridle at the wannabe's: the STRAIGHT folk who equate the gay thang with instant cool but without any other investment other than the appropriate accessories. I'm talking about the rock stars who tell but don't kiss, the little girls spending daddy's money at the [gay] disco du jour because it's the cool thing to do.

I am pointedly *not* referring to our beloved fag hags who have historically been an important part of the greater gay culture.

13:608) Jane Doe, Now a Web Chick! 21-JAN-95 21:11

hmmmm, so lemme ask you: how do you separate a beloved fag hag from a poseur??

13:609) Faune 21-JAN-95 21:43

The poseurs are into the scene because it's the "cool" thing to do. After all what rebellion is left? Yeah there's cigarettes, and designer drugs, but one thing I've noticed about YPOT is that they're afraid of their own shadows. They're afraid to engage.

Fag hags on the other hand, I've found to be drama magnets. It just seems to me that the poseurs are there to spectate, while the FH's are there to participate.

13:610) dalliance 21-JAN-95 22:55

It's interesting...that fag hag thing doesn't work with lesbians. The poseur thing doesn't work either. You have to want to do the deed.

13:622) spark 29-JAN-95 0:21

I started out as a fag hag, but rather unknowingly. So many queer men in my life, it never ocurred to me that it was anything unnatural to persons of the same gender to be together emotionally and sexually. Americans are rather obsessed with the prurient aspects of the body, especially its functions, and especially the sexual functions. Homosexuality in Britain is a different kettle of fish. Growing up in an American enclave in London, I was able to walk the borders of homosexuality - see it through the eyes of those who feared it and those who participated in it.

For me, sexuality is going with one's urges. After years of masturbating after not being completely and thoroughly satisfied by male lovers who had long since fallen asleep after coming, I began to relish the feel of my body, and began to desire touching another woman's body because not only did I enjoy receiving my touch, my hands enjoyed what they felt.

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