37:13) elkay 15-MAY-93 16:29

okay-I just got a hold of the schedule for the '93 NY Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Here's the first installment of descriptions of the aforementioned films. more to follow.

AMAZING GRACE--Amos Gutman (Israel, 1992, 35mm, 95 minutes, Hebrew w/English subtitles). This groundbreaking Israeli film explores the complex relations between parents, children, friends and lovers, who struggle to find hope beyond their fear and loneliness in the shadow of AIDS.

THE DANCE--Jim Hubbard (USA, 1992, 16mm, 8 minutes), a celebration of ordinary life, based on the song by Dan Martin and Michael Biello.

AT FIRST SIGHT (shorts, 87 mins). Seven stunning NY premiers.

NAME DAY (Maria Maggenti, USA, 1993, 16mm, 15 mins) a touching film in which a tomboy contends with her brother's AIDS-related death

A FAMILY AFFAIR (Alison Kelly, USA, 1993, 16 mm, 22 mins), where homophobia means fear of going home.

HARDLY ROOM (Keri Kravitz, USA, 1993, 16mm, 22 mins) takes on common of age and coming out.

A threesome unfolds in SEX, LIES, RELIGION (Annette Kenerley, UK, 1993, 16mm, 6 mins)

An older woman fulfills the dream she shared with her lover in A COMMON FLOWER (Doreenoni, USA, 1993, 16mm, 10 mins).

Family secrets unfold in MY GRANDMA'S LADY CABARET (Elizabeth Myers, UK, 1992, 16mm, 10 mins).

HAMMAN (Florence Miaihle, France, 35mm, 8 mins) depicts the pleasures of a Turkish bath in gorgeous animation.

37:17) elkay 17-MAY-93 19:07 here's another installment in our ongoing saga:

THE BAND WAGON Vincente Minelli (US, 1953, 35mm, 112 mins) A special screening in memory of Stephen Harvey, film curator at MOMA and friend of the New Festival.

BELLE Ima Achten (The Netherlands, 1992, 35mm B&W, 99 mins) Desire and destiny collide in Achten's elegant first feature. The daughter of a textile tycoon, Belle hates money and power and longs to be a poet. She breaks with her parents and moves in with Martha, but the pull of her past causes her to later marry and discover she has become what she so detests.

BEYOND OUTCASTS (Al Margen Del Margen) Ivan Arocha and David Hemandez Ramirez (Cuba, 1992, video, 45mins, Spanish w/English subtitles) A look at Cuba's controversial AIDS policy of forceful quarantine of its HIV+ citizens in sanitariums. The patients, their families and government officials address Cuba's official policy on AIDS.

Plus FORBIDDEN LOVE (Zapovezena Laska) (Vladislav Kvansnicka, Czechoslovakia, 1990, 35mm, 44 mins) Probably the first film from the formerly Soviet-bloc Eastern Europe, this film captures the beginnings of a gay consciousness after decades of social stigma and repression, and makes a plea for tolerance and respect for cultural differences.

THE BLUE HOUR (Die Blaue Stundel) Marcel Gisler (Germany, 1992, 35mm, 90 mins, German w/English subtitles) By turns lyrical and measured, *The Blue Hour*--whose title remembers that eerie daily moment when night and day become indistinguishable--narrates an odd affair that occurs between two Berlin neighbors: Theo, a hip, young callboy and Marie, a French woman, recently separated from her boorish boyfriend. Never hysterical, judgmental, or definitive, the film's take on male prostitution and gay men sleeping with women is at once precise and sexy, insightful and insignificant.

Plus NOW THAT IT'S MORNING (Neil Bartlett, UK, 1991, 35mm, 11 mins) a short, sweet and sad love story directed by the British writer/performer.

37:27)Duo Damsel = Yvette 07-OCT-93 20:47

Last weekend at the Albany Lesbian/Gay Film Festival:

KHUSH - A short documentary a boy lesbian & gay Asians primarily in and from India where homosexuality is still illegal. In spite of their oppression, the people featured in the film find great joy in their lives.

L IS FOR THE WAY YOU LOOK - a playful exploration of the women who have served as role models and objects of desire for young lesbians. The Dolly Parton story is very funny. Exec produced by Lambda's own Pat O'Hara.

FRAMING LESBIAN FASHION- An interesting and thought-provoking sociological and historical look at lesbian fashion. Butch/femme, flannel, cross dressing, leather, lipstick & S/M are all featured. Includes interviews with JoAnn Loulan, among others

37:28) Duo Damsel = Yvette 08-OCT-93 19:48

BEAUTIES WITHOUT A CAUSE - hard to describe so this is what the flyer said, "Four lawless drag queens prepare for a night of light crime in this delirious comedy with compelling hair-dos."

THE JANE SHOW - Gay Canadian playwright Sky Gilbert plays himself being interviewed by drag queen Miss Jane, played by Sky Gilbert, on a fictitious talk show. Clever, compelling and banned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

ROCK HUDSON'S HOME MOVIES - using the premise that Rock's sexual orientation was obvious in every movie he made, an actor playing the young Rock discussed his life and career. The actor idea didn't quite work, but the film clips and theme are very absorbing.

SKULLFUCK - a two-minute bit about "cerebral" sex. I think the men in the audience appreciated this one more than the women.

37:29) Duo Damsel = Yvette 08-OCT-93 19:57

The last bunch...

ROSEBUD - an erotic short film about desire and voyeurism with a young artist who is drawn to the sexuality of the lesbians who live next door.

CAME OUT, IT WAS RAINING, WENT BACK IN - a day in the life of a young English girl who come out, goes to London and finds herself in a lesbian Country-Western bar. *Very* funny and sweet.

37:30) Duo Damsel = Yvette 08-OCT-93 19:59


THANK GOD I'M A LESBIAN - a good documentary about the diversity of lesbian identities and sexuality. Very lesbian-positive. Interviews with bright, thoughtful, well-spoken women. However, highly critical of bisexuality in the few minutes it's discussed, although everything else passes muster.

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