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Henry J Stern

Adrian Benepe
Borough Commissioner Manhattan

March 26, 1997

Dear Ms. Kraus,

Charlotte Kaiser, my Staff Manager, told me of your concerns about the plans for the Union Square Pavillion and the new terrace.

I recently attended Community Board #5 Parks Committee meeting and Full Board meeting. At the Full Board meeting, the Community Board approved the proposal, which also has the support of the Union Square Community Coalition and Greenmarket. Recently, we also received preliminary support of the Fine Arts Committee of the Art Commission.

The expansion of Luna Park Cafe into the two sides of the pit areas will be more than compensated for by the creation of this terrace. The terrace will provide an elevated space that is larger and more accessible to the public than the current two small areas in the "pit" on the south side of the pavilion. The public pit area is currently 650 sq. ft. The terrace will create 750 sq. ft. of public space. Because the pit is sunken below grade, the view of the park is obstructed, and there is only limited space for the public. On the terrace, which is larger by 100 square feet than the current public seating, more people will be able to eat, people-watch and look over the Greenmarket. The new design also will allow for full handicapped access to the comfort station, which is currently unavailable. The design is sympathetic to the historic pavilion, and it will be enhanced with several types of seating and ornamental planters.

Thge expansion of Luna Park will also generate more revenue to fund City services. Should people not want to sit on the terrace, they will be able to use the benches or lawn areas in the park. Greenmarket operations will not be disrupted. Should you wish to discuss this further, please call Ms. Kaiser at 212-408-0253.

Thank you for your interest in our parks,

Adrian Benepe

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