So you've stuck it out this must be wondering what all the fuss is about!

Well, my friend, let me tell you about the Magical BuddhaLounge you've just entered.

Computers, Consciousness, and Thou contains musings on the prospects for machine intelligence and consciousness along with a bunch of links to key technologies, etc. I've found useful.

Writings includes poetry, journal excerpts, random thoughts, and day-planner detritus.

India features links to useful sites on India (the story of my 1990 First Journey, including some excellent pictures, is still in development).

The Professional Me has my resume and other such info.

Mike's own personal bookmarks: because I can't recreate them on every machine I use.

Arjun! is our son, and these are photos of him. Don't go here unless you want to see the shots...there's not much else. This will exit you from the text-only section of Mike's page. Note that this section of the page uses Frames.

Predictions: Mike goes out on a limb.

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