-International Hovels--Betty Boop--The Chicken Man- -UNICEF--The Beast-
Why laugh?

Because this text is probably meaningless.

But read it anyway, you might learn something.

For instance: the cactus is not actually a vegetable.

The cactii first arrived from Plutron in 6,000 BC

They released several albums in the early 1970s, but they weren't very good.

You may remember them as Smudgy Inkfoot and his Newsboy Band.

Then again, you may not.

They cut you up in butcher school, threw you out of the Academy of Garbage. You'll be a joker all your life, a student at the Komedy Kollege.

All except for Cain and Abel and the hunchback of Notre Dame, everyone is making love or else expecting rain.

-Betty Boop--The Chicken Man- -UNICEF--The Beast-