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It all began pretty innocently:
Skyvue: Ms. Suzin, as is her wont, raises an interesting question: Were the two young women whom Sheriff Marge interviewed in the bar prostitutes or just...er, friendly? I'd assumed the latter but perhaps I'm showing my naivete.
Global Village Idiot: Prostitutes. Definitely.
Kyza: Oh, ya betcha they were! Darn tootin'! 
Which led to: The Formal Question
In the movie Fargo, were the two girls (Larissa Kokernot and Melissa Peterman) who have sex in the motel with Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) and Gaer Grimrud (Peter Stormare), and later get questioned in the Blue Ox by Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand), professionals, i.e., working girls? Or were they just real friendly, a couple of gals out for a good time?

One might think this seemingly minor issue would die a quick death. But not in the Echo Movies and TV Conference. Hence M/tv Item 382 was created to resolve the matter once and for all... 

Item 382 21-MAR-97 18:33 Erin a.k.a. EB
The Final Verdict on the North Dakota Matter: Vote Here
As an M/tv service to the overworked collective nerve that is the FARGO Hookers vs. Sluts Debate, register your vote here. A simple Hookers or Sluts will suffice as an answer--no arguments, please!

Erin a.k.a. EB
: Sluts
Isis, Princess of Power: Hookers.
Sarah M/: hookers
Stacy Horn: Hookers.
Skyvue: Friendly gals.
Jonathan Hayes: Oh, c'mon, Skyvue! You're not in Kansas anymore!
And so it went, for a while...
Erin a.k.a. EB: So far it's 21-11, Hookerists. (But not all of the elite Sluts faction have voted yet.)

Despite this democratic attempt to end the argument, it continued to escalate. It wouldn't go away; it went on for a year. Two vicious factions emerged: the pro-hooker Hookerists and the pro-goodtime-gal Sluts. What do you think? But before jumping to a hasty, ill-informed decision, click on the topics below to discover petty details that just might have escaped your attention when you saw Fargo. . .