Actual Minnesotans Testify

Stella: I know that I am way late in this discussion, but those girls in FARGO are not hookers. My god, they went to Normandale Community College. Normandale is where all the suburban (note, one went to White Bear Lake H.S.) kids go who, in rare instances don't have money to go to college. but mostly, well, are just like those girls. They probably work at Dairy Queen in the summer, listen to heavy metal, and party with their friends. They'd probably take some money after sex; but wouldn't solicit it up front.

The Lonesome Drifter: But if a work of art depends on such esoteric particulars to get its meaning across, can it truly be called "great"?

Erin a.k.a. EB: I'm with Stella. It's a minor point of clarification, LD; the plot does not turn on it.

Skyvue: I've been telling you guys all along. Now Stella has given the final word.

Aaron Landsman (thinaar): The Minnesotan in me refuses to be silent any longer. THEY WERE NOT PROSTITUTES.... The Minnesota girls in question were desperate and vapid and horny, when a stranger comes to the iron range, there's nothing for them to do BUT sleep with them...they weren't professionals, just bored.

eileen: As a Minnesota native and female, I take umbrage and also am pissed off. There is PLENTY to do in Minnesota besides fuck creeps. We have our hookers and these characters were obviously among them.

Topper: I'm taking all the "Not Hookers" folks on a bus tour of northern Minnesota this year. If THAT doesn't clear up this controversy (even more than words straight out of the mouth of Frances herself!) then I don't know what will. Everyone is nice in Minnesota. No girl would ever THINK of accepting let alone ASKING for money in exchange for sex. Especially a white, slightly overweight gal with rosy cheeks and a smile This Wide. In small towns all the hookers are easily identifiable by their thin haggard bodies, tight red dresses, 4-inch spike heels and their thickly applied make-up.

eileen: If any of you had ever been to Brainerd, MN, you'd realize that it would not be possible to be a full-time hooker there; even with regular clientele it wouldn't be enough to live on. So the hookers are part-time. That doesn't mean they're not pros. IF it were a bigger town, they might make a living at it. I'd say they were wannabes.

Stella: I clearly reside in the not-hooker camp. But, I'm a regular visitor of Brainerd and a hooker could definately make a living there, sorry, Eileen. In Feb., the town was packed with snowmobilers (who are sorta funy looking) and a hooker could clean up, year-round.

It's Lonely at the Bottomer: How could hookers make a living in Brainerd when there are all these good-time-gals ready to rut with the ultra-funny-looking?

ian grey: Bottomer makes a striking point. Within the dialectic of FARGO, which is, after all, just a film and by no means an accurate report on the sex trade of its chosen locale, such issues become of prominent discursive importance, and may clear the correct stance on this issue, which of course is the domain of the anti-hookerist.

And an Actual Dakotan Is Heard:

Ne'er-Do-Well: As I hail from the Dakotas, I felt I'd better join MTV long enough to enlighten you all, and bring this debate to a respectful close. Or not. Anyhoo, them girls was just bored local good-time gals. Vapid, classless, easy, undiscriminating. I know those girls. I grew up with them. I lost my virginity to one of them. I thanked the Lord Above for her open-mindedness. I know whereof I speak. Do you have any idea how completely empty and stultifying life on the Great Plains can be? Fucking strangers and getting drunk are pretty much the only thrills to be had, folks. One can't afford to be choosy.