Voices of Echoid Experience

1. Roadhouse Gals

Fourway Flytrap: I joined MTV because of this thread. I've read the whole thing carefully from the beginning. The answer is completely obvious to me. You are both wrong. Had any one of you ever spent any time hanging around in roadhouses and truckstops in the northern Midwest, it would be obvious to you as well. (tho the same holds true for other areas of the country as well to varying degrees) Rural areas along the Wall Drug Trail, have really only two flavors of "hooker" those are: Lot lizards... Deadly serious professional prostitutes, who cater primarily to truckers and work on a very strict pay for play order of business. Roadhouse Girls.... Often have day jobs. Go to bed with strange guys, for money or because he bought a bunch of drinks or because he *had* a bunch of money or because he let her order the T-Bone steak, or because he had a nice car, or because he had a nice truck, or because he was cute, or because he was insistant, or because she was bored, or because he hinted that he might give her some money.
    Yeah.... the second ones (the girls portrayed in the film) are hookers if you're a methodist minister. They're just nice girls.... if you're a convicted felon. They are neither, they generally aren't depending on income from turning tricks to pay the bills, but they do barter sex for money and other considerations. Hooker #1 and Hooker #2 would be the expedient thing to call them in the credits because its technically accurate.... and an awful lot easyer to read as it scrolls past than Young Woman Who Works At The 7-11 And Hangs Out In The Roadhouse At Night Hoping Something Interesting Will Happen Who Sometimes Has Sex For Money But Doesn't Really Have A Set Price Because Its Not Really What She Does For A Living Cause She Has That Job At The 7-11 #1 and so on... You can keep puffing yourselves up about this if you want.... But untill you actually go spend some time there.... you are all talking *directly* out of your assholes.

2. The "Easy Lay" Fallacy

Erin a.k.a. EB: The hookerist faction is ignoring a seamy aspect of life that I for one can attest to from personal experience. It's nice to know we don't have the kind of guys in this discussion who say, "I know where we can get laid." But lemme explain that this line does not necessarily equate with: "We are going to connect with some professionals." I remember at least one, and probably more instances if I tried, of being on the receiving end of a situation where some skeeve must have said, "I know where we can get laid." I remember the sick dawning that someone said this line about me (had the wrong idea in my case--ahem!--can't speak for my girlfriend) and then trying to get out of the situation. For Buscemi the line panned out. Buscemi's character knew some girl who likes to drink, likes to party, get dinner, hang out in a motel, go to work the next day--and she had a friend for his friend. Doesn't always work out. But guys say things like this, and shit happens.