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Peter Trachtenberg (toxic shakti) is a writer (Seven Tattoos, Penguin 1998) and occasional performance artist. He currently is working on a novel about Vietnam and the men who ran the war. Extensive travel in Southeast Asia has been of no benefit at all in understanding the Smithee oeuvre.

Ian Toll (x. trapnel) is a freelance writer who lives in Brooklyn. In addition to working in a variety of low-end film industry jobs, he is the former senior editor of Movieweek, an online magazine, and the author of several unproduced screenplays.

Nancy Graham (ngraham) currently enjoys life in Brooklyn, where she plays with her son Raymond and husband Henry. For additional fun, she "repurposes" licensed products, reads, asks etymological questions without pursuing the answers, draws pictures, makes stuff and thinks about what to do next. This bio material probably is dated by now.

Henry Lowengard (nemo) is a former "A" student of noted film theorist Kaja Silverman. See the earlier, less flashy but more complete HTML version of the Smithee discussion — complete with filmographies and many dopey documents — on Nemo's home page.

C.D. Thomas (plain scarf) lives a subdued life researching odd women filmmakers of the Atomic Age, as well as completion bond issues, in a forgotten suburb of nyc.

Ian Grey (Grey Zone 1) is a writer living (for lack of a better term) in New York City. His book, Sex, Stupidity and Greed: Inside the American Movie Industry, is available from Juno Books. His work has appeared in New Observations, Icon Magazine, Fangoria, Time Out, and numerous other forums.

Jon Keith Brunelle (Al Dekker) writes and performs in New York City. During March of '98 he created Sunday Afternoon in the Unisphere for the cybercast series, "Franklin Furnace Live at Pseudo Programs." His solo show, Tales From the Dancing Egg, ran at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre during the fall of 1997. In 1996 Jon opened the Smithee discussion item on Echo and sure was surprised.


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