Poems by Steve Mason are from JOHNNY'S SONG. Simon & Schuster Inc. (Touchstone Books), 1988. Copyright 1988 by Steve Mason.

The following poems by Jon Forrest Glade, (The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Weight Of The Sheets & Blood Trail,) appeared in PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE JUNGLE. Chiron Review Press, 1990. Copyright 1990 by Jon Forrest Glade.

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The following poems by Andrew Gettler, (American Koan, The Old Guard & Toi Com Biet) are from FOOTSTEPS OF A GHOST. Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books, 1991. Copyright 1991 by Andrew Gettler. ( Linda's Poem) by Andrew Gettler is from A CONDITION, NOT AN EVENT. New Spritit Press, 1992. Copyright 1992 by Andrew Gettler.

The following poems by Bill Shields, (Abattoir, Wife, Hell Must Be Full--The Dead Are Walking The Earth, For My Daughters, A Tour Of Duty & Straight From The Heart,) are from HUMAN SHRAPNEL. 2.13.61 Press, 1991. Copyright 1991 by Bill Shields.

Poems by David Connolly are from LOST IN AMERICA. Vietnam Generation, Inc. & Burning Cities Press, 1994. Copyright 1994 by David Connolly.

The following poems by Kevin Bowen, (First Casualty, Willie, Dancing, Niu Ba Den; Black Virgin Mountain, Temple At Quan Loi, 1969; Body Count: The Dead At Tay Ninh,) are from PLAYING BASKETBALL WITH THE VIETCONG. Curbstone Press, 1994. Copyright 1994 by Kevin Bowen.

Poems by Bill Jones & Rod McQueary are from BLOOD TRAILS. Dry Crik Press. 1993. Copyright 1993 by Bill Jones & Rod McQueary.

The following poems by Horace Coleman, (Cracks In The Wall, Ok Correal East, & Flash Foward,) are from IN THE GRASS. Vietnam Generation, Inc. & Burning Cities Press, 1995. Copyright 1995 by Horace Coleman.

* (All work included in this issue by Robert Schlosser, Jabuya Dragonsun, Gary Rafferty, Richard Levine, Pauline Hebert, Larry Winters, Gary Imlay, and Don Blackburn has not been previously published.)