(Most of the poems from POETS on the line No. 1 will gradually be included in Nos. 3, 4 & 5 to make its contents more readily accessible through the current Web address.)

Janine Pommy Vega
Greeting The Year 2000, With Respect
February Thaw

Peter Rabbit

Charles Plymell
Four Songs
(Reprinted from Vol.1)

Seneca Turner
A Song For Rawanda
For Ethridge

Robert Bly
The Buried Train
Standing by the Road
The Cat In The Kitchen

Tom Clark
Urban Pasroral Scene (mid-1940's)
Forties Scene

w.r. rodriguez
triborough bridge
the bronx vikings

Marilyn Nelson Waniek
Blessing the Boats

Karl Shapiro
The First Time
(Reprinted from Vol. 1)

Leo Connellan
Ode to Karl Shapiro
(Reprinted from Vol. 1)

Andrew Gettler
Liquid Jesuit
(Reprinted from Vol.1)

Linda Lerner
Played Jazz Violin Like an Out of Town Junkie
Jamming With the Angels--
Town Hall & Elsewhere(5/15/94)
(Reprinted from Vol.1)

William Packard
A Thumbnail Sketch of the last 100 Years
Of American Poetry (an essay)

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