(Most of the poems from POETS on the line No. 1 will gradually be included in Nos. 3, 4, & 5 to make its contents more readily accessible through the current Web address.)

Tony Moffeit

dancing in the void
a blues rain a jazz rain
(Reprinted from Vol. 1)
the beating of the body's blood
(Reprinted from Vol. 1)

Daniela Gioseffi

Jazz Lady of the Subway
Through the "I" Of The Needle
Sheepdog Of The City

Jack Micheline

Poet Of The Streets
Poem For The Children

Donald Lev

The Courier
The Human Condition In Brighton Beach
(Reprinted from Vol. 1)
Fall and Winter (a Russian Novel)
Reprinted from Vol. 1)

Franz Douskey

Wasted Night
Moon's Hangover

W.E. Butts

Meditations on Leaving

R. Nikolas Macioci

Young Love In The 1950's

Kell Robertson

Of Bats And Drunks
Coronado National Monument

Jennifer Olds

Smallest Town
Culling the Herd
The Little Death

John Wieners

A Poem for Vipers
The Blind See Only This World
(A Christmass Card)
First Poem After Silence Since

Linda Lerner

Interview with Robert Peters
(The full interview will appear in a forthcoming issue of the CHIRON REVIEW)

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