By Betsy Robin Schwartz

You know, I just retired, he said
Just a couple of weeks, she said

But, I'm just as busy as can be, he said
I baked my first yeast bread

One of those French things, she said
can I get you all something

we got those fancy crackers
have some cheese some fruit

Oh, its lovely, he said
you knead the dough
place it in a pan
set it in a warm
and it sits there

He set it down near the dishwater, she said
while it was going
I almost tripped over it
I said Ray
what in the blue blazes you got that
there on the floor for

And, if you've done it just right, he said
not just about right
but real right
with the right
it moves

It moved alright, she said
scared me near to death
see that thing on the floor
moving like that
but then

Then, it comes alive, he said
it grows plush
and beautiful
like well like

You want some more coffee, she said
he just gets too too
well too
you know that bread
was pretty good too
what you call that Ray
can't think of the name
French bread
not bad
yes brioche
pretty good buttered
pretty good bread

Now Betty Rose, I'm looking for words, he said
please don't interrupt me, darling
I'm trying to describe it
how can I describe it
yes yes oh yes
that's right
it moves
it moves
just pure
and perfect
and plush
and warm like
making love
to the right woman.

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