By Allen Ginsberg

Dylan is about the Individual against the whole of creation

Beethoven is about one manās fist in the lightning clouds

The Pope is about abortion & the spirits of the dead...

Television is about people sitting in their living room looking

at their things

America is about being a big Country full of Cowboys Indians Jews

Negroes & Americans

Orientals Chicanos Factories skyscrapers Niagara Falls Steel Mills

radios homeless Conservatives, donāt forget

Russia is about Czars Stalin Poetry Secret Police Communism

barefoot in the snow

But thatās not really Russia itās a concept

A concept is about how to look at the earth from the moon

without ever getting there. The moon is about love and Werewolves,

also Poe.

Poe is about looking at the moon from the sun

or else the graveyard

Everything is about something if youāre a thin movie producer

chain-smoking muggles

The world is about overpopulation, Imperial invasions, Biocide

Genocide, Fratricidal Wars, Starvation, Holocaust, mass injury &

murder, high technology

Super science, atom Nuclear Neutron Hydrogen detritus, Radiation

Compassion Buddha, Alchemy

Communication is about monopoly television radio movie newspaper

spin on Earth, i.e. planetary censorship.

Universe is about Universe.

Allen Ginsberg is about confused mind writing down newspaper

headlines from Mars--

The audience is about salvation, the listeners are about sex,

Spiritual gymnastics, nostalgia for the Steam Engine & Pony


Hitler Stalin Roosevelt & Churchill are about arithmetic &

Quadrilateral equations, above all chemistry physics & chaos


Who cares what itās all about?

I do! Edgar Allan Poe cares! Shelley cares! Beethoven & Dylan care.

Do you care? What are you about

or are you a human being with 10 fingers & two eyes?

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