The petition of Sarah Kidd the wife of Wm. Kidd


    That on the sixth day of July Inst: some of the magistrates and officers of this place came into your Pet:rs [Petitioner's] lodgings at the house of Duncan Campbell & did there seize and take out of the Trunck a Silver Tankard, a Silver Mugg, Silver Porriinger, spoons, forcks & other pieces of Plate, and Two hundred and sixty pieces of Eight, yo.r sole and proper Plate & money, brought with her from New York whereof she has had the possession for several several years last past, as she can truly make oath; out of the sd Trunck was also took Twenty five English Crowns belonged to yo.r Maid.

                                            The premisses and most deplorable

                                                 Condition of yo.r Pet:rs considered --

                                         She humbly intreats yo.r hon.le

                                            Justice, that Returne be made of

                               the said Plate & mony.

18th July (99).                                                              Sarah SK Kidd