(Minimal punctuation, words added in [] to aid the reader.)

From Captain Willock's memoir:

They were about four dayes in robbing of this ship[.] Some was for burning of her then sayes they ["]what can [we] doo with all these Prisoners[?"] Some cryed ["] burn them in her" but at last they saw another sail soo they sent this ship away and sent all my lascars in her but mee they would not lett goo[.] next day which was about the 14th or 15th ffeb:ry they came up with this ship which was a great Moores ship called the Orangeshai from Bengall[.] they ran her aboard and fired their broadside into her, the Moores ship likewise fired 6 gunns into them which went through and through them but hurt never a man but severall were killed aboard the moors shipp amongst the rest one Dutchman[.]

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