(From the confession of Isabel Gowdie at her trial for witchcraft in 1662 in Aulderne, Scotland)

---from "History Laid Bare"--HarperPerennial---

"He would have carnal dealing with us in the shape of a deer or any other shape that he would be in. We would never refuse him."


Here the devil in the form of dragon is pleasuring a woman.

Isabel Gowdie was quite specific about the devil's anatomy and prowess.

"And within a few days, he came to me, in the New Ward's of Inshoch, and there had carnal copulation with me. He was a very huge, black, rough man, very cold; and I found his nature [semen] within me all cold as spring well water. He will lie all heavy upon us, when he has carnal dealing with us, like a sack of barley malt. His member is exceedingly great and long; no man's member is so long and big as his. He would be among us like a stud horse among mares.

The youngest and lustiest women will have very great pleasure in their carnal copulation with him, yea much more than with their own husbands; and they will have an exceedingly great desire for it with him, as much as he can give them and more, and never think shame of it. He is abler for us that way than any man can be (Alas! that I should compare him to any man!) only he is heavy like a sack of barley malt; a huge nature [outpouring of semen], very cold as ice.

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