After four years producing Cleo TV,
Dr. Cleo Odzer brings you Cleo DV.

The first version of the Cleo DV production:

Goa: From Goa Freaks to Goa Trance

is now available for sale.


The CD (For PC's only. Not yet for Macs)

is a journalistic account of Goa in the 1970's.

Narration, overlaid on Goa Trance music, portrays the transformation from the old days to the new. The last 8 minute video clip, filmed as Goa passed from 1999 to 2000, shows that the magic of Goa lives on.


Front cover

9 video clips (35 minutes)

Nude bathing

Beach parties

demonstration of pig toilets and indescribables


Though the CD stands alone
as a documentary of hippie
life during the 1970’s, it
also illustrates the people
and events mentioned in the book GOA FREAKS


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If you don't yet have it, download the free Player. Then from Cleo TV, view the one-minute musical introduction to "Cleo's Adventures."

Below are sample episodes of Cleo TV -- digitized into RealVideo -- of shows where Cleo goes through old photo albums, recounting stories of who's who, what, and where.

(27 minutes) or (11 minutes)

Here's an example of an interview: (26 minutes)