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Some of these shows can be watched from the web right now in RealVideo

After 4 years of producing monthly and biweekly public access shows, Cleo is no longer creating new ones. Now she is making CDs of her adventures. Stay tuned.

Theme music (.au) for Cleo's show, by Michael Sansonia.

Past shows, 1995:

July -- Cleo on Patpong
August -- Cleo in Goa - Part One
September -- Cleo in Goa - Part Two

Past episodes of the CLEO'S ADVENTURES series, 1995:

October -- With the Goa Freaks in Bali

October -- On the MOO

November --Up the Amazon, part one

November --Up the Amazon, part two

December --In the Air

December --In Bangkok


January --Modeling

January --With the Goa Freaks in Bali

January --On the Palace

February --@ Echo, part one

February --@ Echo, part two

March --Goa Freaks, part one

March --Goa Freaks, part two

Specials (after giving up biweekly series)
APRIL -- On the Palace

MAY-JUNE -- In the Air

JUNE-JULY -- Animals in My Neighborhood

JULY-AUGUST -- Patpong, 1996

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER -- Ko Samet, Thailand

SEPTEMBER -- Bangkok, 1996

OCTOBER -- My New York Life, part one

NOVEMBER -- My New York Life, part two

DECEMBER -- My Photo Albums 1


JANUARY -- The Chair

FEBRUARY -- Modeling

MARCH -- My Photo Albums, 2

APRIL -- Patpong 1996

MAY -- Maui, Hawaii, 1997, part one

JUNE -- Maui, Hawaii, 1997, part two

JULY -- Studying Patpong, part one

AUGUST -- As A Groupie, part one

SEPTEMBER -- As A Groupie, part two

OCTOBER -- Studying Patpong, part two

NOVEMBER -- Sex on the Net

DECEMBER -- Ko Samet, Thailand


JANUARY -- Modeling

FEBRUARY-MARCH-- My Photo Albums 2

APRIL-MAY-- Interviewing Roy A. Jansen

JUNE -- Interviewing Stacy Horn

JULY-AUGUST -- The Express Studio/My Photo Albums 4

SEPTEMBER -- In Jamaica 1998, Part One

OCTOBER -- In Jamaica 1998, Part Two

NOVEMBER -- Interviewing Stacy Horn

DECEMBER -- Digitizing Video for the Web, part one

JANUARY -- Digitizing Video for the Web, part two

FEBRUARY -- My Photo Albums 3

MARCH -- My Photo Albums 5

APRIL -- In Morocco 1999, part one

MAY -- In Morocco 1999, part two

JUNE -- In Morocco 1999, part three

JULY-AUGUST -- In Morocco 1999, Part Four

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