I wouldn't be here if I hadn't come, one pallbearer says to another. The cemetery has never seen a gathering like this: Lola Nova is selling subscriptions to her Collage of Finds Art and Creative Medicine. In the limousine she critiques billboards across town. Too brown. A miracle of red. Too muddy. Wrong story.

This is the first limo Fast Eddy's been in since he was big in parking. Oreste Miandros is not talking; he holds Reggie's hand because Reggie is afraid of ghosts. His eyes are Day-Glo Madonna Blue, same as his lips. There's a lot of hope for us in art. It's all the twins can talk about. No mistakes in Picasso or Van Gogh. But Chagall is wrong about upside down cows.

Don confides to the cemetery manager that he has met a chicken who looks like himself. Before he came to the Blue Motel Don supported himself selling used cigars and cardboard inner soles. Then he met this chicken and became its friend. He is writing a book about the body of the chicken and wondering why. I'm alive and I'm proud, Ada pipes when Dudley is inserted into the crypt above Marilyn. Hallelujah!

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