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The Deus Ex Machina Cycle

 Lauten's magnum opus of contemporary
vocal and instrumental pieces for Baroque ensemble and period
instruments, has been released in September 99 as a double CD set
by the 4Tay classical label.  Through JEM distribution, it is
available in major record stores in the US. The double CD
documents the entire Cycle performed at Merkin Hall on two
different venues, the Interpretations Series and WNYC's New
Sounds at Merkin Hall.  The liner notes are by John Schaefer and
the artwork on the CD is Elodie Lauten's own design.
The performers include Mimi Stern-Wolfe, conductor; Thomas
Buckner, baritone; Mary Hurlbut, soprano; Meredith Borden,
soprano; Elaine Comparone, harpsichord; Andrew Bolotowsky, alto
and Baroque flutes; David Cerruti, viola d'amore.

The store list price for the CD is $33.98. While supplies last,
CDs can be ordered from Elodie Lauten directly for $30 which
includes 2-day mail delivery. Please mail check to Elodie Lauten,
Studio 21, 175 East 2nd Street #3C New York NY 10009 212-388-0202

Larger quantities of CDs can be ordered from:
4Tay Records, Inc.
73 Island Place, Suite 108
Amityville, NY 11701
Tel: 516-797-9166
Please call for current price

Available by mail order from O.O. Discs:

"A musical mandala correlating the earth's yearly cycle to the 12 tonalities, the 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of changes." Kyle Gann
O.O. Discs
261 Grovers Avenue
Black Rock CT 06605-3452
Tel: 203-367-7917 
Fax: 203-333-0604
hyperlink: http:// [Note: oo is the letter "o" not zero in all occurrences]

Available on mail order from Lovely Music:

Variations on the Orange Cycle, by Elodie Lauten, for solo piano, performed by pianist Lois Svard, along with solo piano pieces by Jerry Hunt and Kyle Gann. Variations on the Orange Cycle is based on a tonal correspondence with the daily rotation of the earth.

"magical... it does sound authentic, and that's no mean feat."
Robert Carl, Fanfare
Lovely Music Ltd.
10 Beach Street
New York NY 10013
Tel: 212-941-8911
Fax: 212-334-5149

Available from New Tone:

Elodie Lauten's newest release, an all-electronic electronic solo album based on the myths and legends of New Mexico.

Other products are available from:

Silenzio Catalogue
Via Filippo De Grenet, 26
00128 Rome, Italy
Tel/Fax: 011-39-06-5082556

Available with $100 contribution: unpublished special edition double CD set of THE DEUS EX MACHINA CYCLE, performed live at Merkin Hall with the Downtown Chamber Orchestra, featuring sopranos Meredith Borden and Mary Hurlbut, baritone Thomas Buckner, flutist Andrew Bolotowsky and harpsichordist Elaine Comparone. The work has been called "an opera for the psychoanalyzed generation... Elodie Lauten's magnum opus" (Kyle Gann, The Village Voice)

Order limited edition collectors items

Please send check/money order for $25.00 per item to Elodie Lauten, Cat Collectors Productions, 175 East 2nd St #3C, New York NY 10009 with your name and address. The item will be shipped to you by two day priority (US) or air mail (other countries).
Available collectors editions:
Album, 1983
Five pieces for piano, sequencer and sound effects, composed and performed by Elodie Lauten.

"Insistent rhythmic passages on the piano complement, coincide or conflict with various processed tape environments."
-- John Schaefer, New Sounds, Harper & Row
Album, 1985
Elodie Lauten on Fairlight Computer and vocals, with Arthur Russell on cello and vocals, Peter Zummo on trombone and vocals, and soprano Randi Larowitz. "The Death of Don Juan is one of Lauten's strongest works, an opera in two short acts dealing with a metaphorical, surreal version of the Don Juan story. Besides such oddities as taped voices, amplified harpsichords and computer, Lauten also uses an electro-acoustic lyre of her own design." John Schaefer, New Sounds, Harper & Row

"Don Juan is a welcome and engaging addition to the repertoire of contemporary opera." Dean Suzuki, Op Magazine
CD, 1988
Blues related pieces layering piano, electronic keyboards, processed violin, electric guitar, composed and performed by Elodie Lauten.

"Lauten's minimalism has a character all its own." Robert Ianapollo, Cadence
One of my distributors, Silenzio, in Italy, has a new web site
This is the address of the Silenzio site:

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