Recent fixes and notes Mar 19 1996

The old fixes was too big so I made this one.
 New PX05 calls exec with the contents of its label. # becomes the
  address of the JACK area. This means that PI interfaces can be
  called randomly to load, save or manipulate data in the frames
  as part of the execution of a drawing!
 VGET ARexx function transfers vector info into VT_NUM and VT_?.#
 Pen #4 now acts as a color picker. See Pens.
 Big bitmaps (>1M) work better now. note: iff width limit is 1008.
 Pen #9 has new option: 32 which is a beveled ramp from Col to ECol.
 fixed memory bug introduced when big bitmaps were fixed. 
 old bug in TweenKey.. didn't set correct frame value on split frame.
 After all these years, "which F-keys you hit" is in the title bar!
 An old REFR render bug (from rexx) is fixed, concerning BoundBoxes.
 New command TimeThin: [SHFT-7] throws out every other raw vertice.
 PX 5 gives the frame and subframe (@) along with the jack address (#)

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