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Vapor Paint was written by me for my own use - don't be surprised at its overwhelming perversity!

Remember: send me postcards, not money. Don't call - you might figure it out if you write it down! (Email is OK though.)

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Vapor Paint originated in a true vapor form and I talked about it for a year to various friends and strangers for years at Ami Expos, Mission Graphics Support and Amuse. I finally started writing it in August '89 and it was animating its workscreen by January '90. I've befuddled a number of beta testers over the years - most of them gave up nearly immediately after pestering me for a copy. Still, their names for posterity:

Hugh Crawford, Jason Cunliffe, Bill Rabinovitch, Mark Segall, Darienn Fitzgerald, Perry Hoberman, Don Ritter.

Other moral/software support from
Vincent Bilotta, Peter Wetzler, AMUSE, George Bakes, Ken Bookstein, Thomas Krehbiel and Ben Williams,
and the general Amiga community providing other great PD utilities so I won't have to write them.

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