Keys and AREXX commands Sept 27 1992

The keyboard is used to access a large number of functions, and
I've done my darndest to make the functions mnemonic or easy
to work with.  All of these functions can also be reached via
AREXX. These can be put into several categories:

  Screen navigation: keypad area
  Screen customization:usual number keys, DEL,\
  Workspace animation:+ and -
  Icon navigation and time setting : Arrows, <>[]/
  Sketching screen: Enter
  Vector transformations: Tilde,TAB
  Program controls and creation of icons:(alpha keys)
.  Macros and Macro functions: Right Amiga+(key), Ctrl

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Here is a big list of everything possible with keys:
(the first column indicates nothing, shift or alt while
pressing the key, then next, the key name, the next the Arexx

Mode settings for Mouse Tools, described in "Mouse"
Major modes
    F1 Mam0  Shf F1 Mam5
    F2 Mam1  Shf F2 Mam6
    F3 Mam2  Shf F3 Mam7
    F4 Mam3  Shf F4 Mam8
    F5 Mam4  Shf F5 Mam9

Minor Modes
    F6 Mim0  Shf F6 Mim5
    F7 Mim1  Shf F7 Mim6
    F8 Mim2  Shf F8 Mim7
    F9 Mim3  Shf F9 Mim8
    F10 Mim4 Shf F10 Mim9

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    Workspace dimension selections

Alt F1 af1      Screen x = x
Alt F2 af2      Screen x = y
Alt F3 af3      Screen x = z
Alt F4 af4      Screen x = r
Alt F5 af5      Screen x = m

Alt F6 af6      Screen y = x
Alt F7 af7      Screen y = y
Alt F8 af8      Screen y = z
Alt F9 af9      Screen y = r
Alt F10 af10    Screen y = m

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        How to leave the program:
    ESC QUIT      Q QUIT

    K   EATV      erase the drawing and reset the tree to default state.

    DEL GROW    toggle the work screen size
Shf DEL TITLE   toggle show the title bar with current release date
                (and its depth gadgets and scroll bar)

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* creation of new icon/objects: with numbers for the associated pums:
* .W means integer, .L means Long integer, .F = floating pont number
* SMPTE times are floating point frames (fractional allowed !)
* Some need a separate Pum command to call up the pum (*P)

    P NewPen    #1=pen number.W #2=option1.W
    C NewColor  #1=Red.w,#2=Green.w,#3=Blue.w,#4=transparency.w
Shf P NewProc   (unused so far)

    F NewKey    new key frame made after this one. *P, #1=Delta Time.
Shf F NewSeq    creates a new sequence after this sequence.
                Highlighted elements from this sequence are transferred
                to the new one and deleted from the old one!
                you may need to delete the default PN and CL.
                *P #1 = start time, #2 = end time (unused)
Alt F TweenKey  A tween is  created after current key frame with
                interpolation to the current time...

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    I NewInvoke (unused)
    N NewName	Makes a sub-tree of icons.(still dangerous)

    SL TimeSet (slash key) sets current time to base time of current
                Key Frame.

    H HideSib   hides all but the previous current and next subtrees,
                if any. Useful wth lots of keyframes to hide..

   saved  workspace animation controls:
Shf Equ Flip0           go to Start of workspace animation (+)
Shf Min FlipEat         remove workspace animation (_)
    Equ FlipForw        play 1 frame forwards (=)
    Min FlipBack        play 1 frame backwards(-)
Alt Equ FlipAnim        Toggle Animation of workspace anim.

    BS IKEAt backspace delete this subtree

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           transform selected vector groups
    til GrpRev  Reverse this "Group": every selected vector will
                go in the opposite direction.
Shf til GrpFat  apply same function used in "map dist to rad/mass"
                to all selected vectors.
Alt til GrpKMR  Make Mass and Radius of all selected [V]s the default.
                as if to undo GrpFat.
    Tab GrpTime sets timetamps in the vector uniformly advancing.
Shf Tab GrpSmth smoothes X Y Z R & M : v'=(v(-1)+2*v(0)+v(+1))/4

      Vector  model feature
Shf M SetModel  copy this vector to permanent M icon next to the
                Animation icon.It's now available for "draw Model"
    M GetModel  selects which model of the stored models to use.

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       Zooming and Navigating the workspace.
Adding Shift will make the moves large, Alt will make them smaller
    K7 ZROTL    rotate Left
    K8 ZUP      up
    K9 ZROTR    rotate Right
    K4 ZLEFT    left
    K6 ZRight   right
    K1 ZOUT     zoom out
    K2 ZDN      down
    K3 ZIN      zoom in
    K5 ZCEN     standard position 
Shf K5 ZFLIP    (flip x axis)

    KPr ZMCEN   move center to mouse
Shf KPr ZEye    put current object in the center of the screen nicely

    Spc REFR    refresh the screen
Below: Yet another reason to keep the A1000 keyboard!
    K0 SH_DN    keyboard 0 is also a Shift Key!
    Kmn AL_DN   keyboard minus is also an alt key!
    Kpl AR_DN   keyboard plus is also a Right Amiga key!

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* number keys for workspace  toggles
    N1 SeeMK    see mark
    N2 SeeRM    see last drawn raw mouse
    N3 SeeNV    see note vectors
    N4 SeeHideV hide "real vectors"
    N5 SeeEy    see bound boxes
    N6 SeeMd    see time and mode info
    N7 SeeVw    see view box
    N8 SeeRd    see radius (skin)
    N9 SeeMs    see mass (bones)
    N0 SeeLerp  create interpolations 

Shf N1 Advance  automatically advance when re-doing vectors
Shf N2 seeBlueT see all but current keyframe vectors in blue
Shf N3 SeeHideT hide all of those blue vectors
Shf N4 SeeRarr  see radius lines  as "arrows"
Shf N5 SeeVBV   Zap workspace view to Vw during WS animation

Shf G Grid      toggle grid locker

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            iconic navigation..
    UP IKPar    go to parent
    DN IKKid    go to 1st child
    LF IKBack   go to prev sibling
    RT IKForw   go to next sibling
Shf RT IKEnd    go to the very last sibling on the right
Shf UP IKTop    go to the Animation icon(top of tree)
Shf LF IKBeg    go to the first of these siblings
Shf DN IKBot    go back to the icon you wer on when last you did IKTop

Alt LF DnTime   Alt-left arrow: decrease current time by 1 frame.
Alt RT UpTime   Alt-Right arrow: increase current time by 1 frame.
Shf SL SetANEnd shift-/ sets the AN end time to the current time.
Alt SL SetANEndP alt-/ sets the AN end time to the "next time".( for loops)

Alt UP Choose   Highlight the current icon and its subtree if unhighlighted.
                unhighlight current subtree if highlighted.
Alt DN Hide     Hide current icon and subtree if not hidden. Reveal if
    Ret Pum     Bring up the Pum for this icon.
Alt Ret Pum     (old way) Bring up the Pum for this icon.
Alt Spc PumLeft Bring up the menu Pum.

    ;   ChoosePals ; key toggles selects on contiguous groups of icons
Shf ;   HidePals   shift-; key toggles hiding on contiguous groups of icons

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        "smarter navigation"
    Com LeftKF  go to previous key frame (even from its children)
    Per RightKF go to next keyfram (ditto)
Shf Com LeftSQ  go to previous sequence (like with KF's)
Shf Per RightSQ go to next sequence

Alt COM FOL_L   go to next icon of this type IN NUMERICAL ORDER
Alt Per FOL_R   go to last icon of this type IN NUMERICAL ORDER
Note: that in Pum navigation, [ and ] keys do "follow-left and -right"
      This is so "." can be used in numeric input.

    OSQ DNTween Open square bracket: go to next "sewn" element(if
                sewn). I.e. corresponding vector in next key frame.
    CSQ UpTween Closed Square Bracket: go to last sewn element.
* color controls
    BSl SwapVR  (\) swap vector and render colors..
Shf bsl SeePt   (|) set note+Vector intersections as Hilite color or black.
Alt bsl CDink   (alt-\) See only render plane as black.
                this is good for workspace animation.
    J   ToSel   Copy this color/pen to all other selected colors/pens
* move nodes!
    "   Mark    Mark this node for moving
Shf "   MoveMark move the marked node to where the "poke" arrow points 
Alt "   GoMark moves eye to marked node

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    S Save      save all icons ; Arexx: Save "Filename"
    L ReadAll   read all icons ; Arexx: Readall "filename"

    A VWREnd    Render work screens
Shf A XREnd     REAL RENDER PGM!!: Arexx XREND "DirName:"
Alt A XRFrame   REAL RENDER  at the current time

Shf Enter PlnSav  save render screen (i.e. sketch) 
    Enter PlnRes  restore saved screen to render plane
Alt Enter TrkSpr  Track vector line with a sprite.

         MACROS (see also AREXX)
Alt+<numeric key> invoke an AREXX macro named Vapor<key>.vapr
R-AMIGA+<any key> either set an AREXX macro or Invoke one.
Ctrl              Reset the next invokes R-AMIGA style macro.

    Hlp    HELP  bring up (these) Help screens
Shf Hlp    RKSetLbl  put an ascii label on this icon (shown in tbar)
Alt Hlp    RKFindLbl finds a label and makes it current.
           This is case ignorant and can use a truncated search string.

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You can refer to mouse tools by decent names now:
 0 1  Select Vectors   SelVec      0 2  DeSelect Vectors DeSelVec
 0 3  Baseline Scaling BLScale     0 4  Set Grid         SetGrid 
 1 0  Vector (Default) Vector      1 1  Note Vector      NoteVec 
 1 2  Straight Lined   StVector    1 3  Vector Model     ModelVec
 1 4  Dist to Rad/Mass RMVector    1 5  Cheap Vector     CheapVec
 1 6  Note Vector St   NoteVSt     1 7  Text in a Box    Text    
 2 0  Vector Move      VecMove     2 1  Vector Rotate    VecRot  
 2 2  Group warp       GrpWarp     2 3  Clip warp        ClipWarp
 3 0  Re-Draw Vector   ReDoVec     3 1  Re-Draw Radius   ReDoRad 
 3 2  Re-Draw Mass     ReDoMass    3 3  Re-Do Partially  ReDoPart
 3 5  Re-Draw Straight StReDo      3 6  Re-Draw Rad (st) StReDoRd
 3 7  Re-Draw Mass(st) StReDoMs
 4 0  Grip Move        GripMove    4 1  Grip Drag        GripDrag
 5 0  REXX Trace       RXTrace     5 1  REXX Line        RXLine  
 0 0  Safe -select     Unknown 

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